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Welcome to what hopefully will be the home of some truly stupid links, some photos, and other random stuff. If you know of any super cool links i'm missing out on, or just think that my design isn't that interesting and should be better, send me mail.

To test text spacing and layout i put these random blocks of text in that I grabbed from some finance articles. They just seemed to have a nice mix of word sizes and spacing.
Some are arguing the campaign merely masked an unsound economy that will require easier monetary policy than even current four-decade low interest rates to spark a rebound. Some suggest a period of weak capital investment and scant hiring will persist for some months.
Those gains brought a "year-to-date change in large-caps swings from negative to positive -- with winning and losing sectors now evenly split," said Prudential analyst Ed Yardeni. "Information tech, consumer discretionary, and financials are the strongest performers so far this year; telecom services, consumer staples, and materials the weakest."